Stichting Terre des Hommes Nederland Grote Marktstraat 43 2511 BH Den Haag Netherlands

Terre des Hommes – Netherlands

In 1965, Dutch volunteers copied Frenchman Edmond Kaiser’s initiative in the Netherlands. In the beginning, Terre des Hommes Netherlands mainly helped children in emergency situations in developing countries via Dutch doctors. Over the years, however, the focus has shifted to structural aid through local project partners.


To prevent child exploitation, removes children from exploitative situations and ensures these children can develop themselves in a safe environment.

Programme Areas

Child exploitation is about serious violations of the rights of the child. The definition covers:
– worst forms of child labour (according to Convention 182 of the ILO);
– child trafficking;
– sexual exploitation of children;
– child abuse
Stopping child exploitation, the most serious violations of the rights of the child, has now become the main focus of Terre des Hommes Netherlands. This is not an easy fight; poverty can drive people to despair and prosecuting perpetrators of child exploitation is rarely a priority for local authorities. But Terre des Hommes is working, with its local partners, to build a world without child exploitation.

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