Swiss Philanthropy Foundation

As an umbrella foundation (donor-advised fund), SwissPhilanthropy Foundation facilitates access to philanthropy by creating and managing philanthropic funds on behalf of private and institutional clients. It leads to a professionalisation of the philanthropic sector and greater impact.


To pursue public-interest goals in Switzerland and abroad by encouraging the development of philanthropy and by supporting charitable organisations and programmes in the areas of:
– humanitarian and social aids
– medicine
– education
– research
– environmental protection
– sustainable development
– culture and the arts

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

• Dynamism: the Foundation seeks to encourage and support dynamic giving. It asks donors who have set up funds to maintain regular philanthropic activity.
• Coherency: through its network of partnerships with experts in the field, the Foundation proposes a comprehensive service which ensures the impact of donations.
• Responsibility: the Foundation is responsible for the funds entrusted to it and undertakes to actively respect the donor’s initial intention. The financial management of the donor’s fund is assumed by the Foundation or by an external manager depending on the amount or the agreement between the parties.
• Discretion: the Foundation offers donors a way of facilitating their commitment by promoting efficiency and ensures discretion.

The Foundation offers 2 services to facilitate your philanthropy.
• Sheltered funds: a simple and effective structure for donors
• European network: donate in Europe as if you donate in Switzerland, donate in Switzerland from other European countries

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