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Stiftung Mercator Schweiz

Based on a systemic and collaborative approach, we look for the most effective levers for societal transformation in our thematic ecosystems. We work with an iterative strategy model including “ongoing” Monitoring, Evaluation, Learning, Adaption and Sharing and want to contribute to solutions for ecological and societal problems as stimuli for societal change. For the implementation of our theories of change we work with four levers: empowerment of the individual, strengthening of civil society and it’s organizations, digitalization and art and culture.


Sustainable society based on the principles of solidarity, equal opportunities and the possibility of active participation for all.

Geographic Focus

Switzerland, Europe

Programme Areas

DEMOCRACY – We support new ideas and promising initiatives (both analog and digital) for a sustainable and resilient democracy

DIVERSITY – we focus on gender and cultural background. In the field of diversity, we aim to reduce structural discrimination due to origin and/or gender.

CLIMATE AND BIODIVERSITY PROTECTION – sufficiency, nutrition systems. Regarding both climate and biodiversity, we support comprehensive/systemic solution approaches that are borne by decision-makers in the worlds of politics, public administration, science and business as well as by civil society, and that do justice to the urgency of the ecological challenges we face.

DIGITALISATION & SOCIETY – digital self-determination, algorithmic systems, digital public sphere, digital participation. We empower people to handle their data in a self-determined way. We seek ways of promoting political solutions and data protection regulations that ensure the right to digital self-determination. We also work on solutions that enable companies and public authorities to take ethical and public welfare considerations into account when handling personal data.

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