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Stichting Instituut Gak

Foundation Institute Gak is an equity fund that provides grants to projects in the areas of social security and labour market policy in the Netherlands. Foundation Institute Gak gives content within the criteria on the one hand, by spontaneous (practical) applications. On the other hand, the Foundation is funding scientific research in the framework of the scientific research programme (see separate Web page). In addition, the Foundation is funding a number of special chairs in the field of social security to Dutch universities.

“Since 1952 GAK was a not for profit organization that took care of 60% of the Dutch social security market. In 1996 he privatizion of the Dutch social security market started. GAK became GAK group which composed a directly privatize part and a part that should privatize in 2000. In november 1999 however, the Duch government decided not to privatize the social security market. In 2000 the GAK group sold the companies that were part of the privatized part. The, the foundation (that owned GAK group) changed the objective: using the revenues from its investments to subsidize social security practical projects and academic research programmes in the Netherlands.” (application form)


Supporting projects and programms in the field of social security and labour market.

Geographic Focus

The Netherlands

Programme Areas

Social Security
Labour market
Scientific research

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