Schoepflin Stiftung Industriestraße 2 D-79541 Lörrach Germany

Schöpflin Stiftung

The Schoepflin Foundation is an independent and non-profit foundation based in Lörrach, Germany. Besides running our own in-house projects and programs we also provide grants to external initiatives and organizations. In our in-house facilities in Lörrach, we use innovative solutions and formats to empower children and young people; we offer sociopolitical (thought) impetus; and we test out forms of participation. As a supra-regional funding foundation, we use social venture capital to facilitate experiments and ensure their dissemination in civil society.


We invest in courageous people and bold ideas – for critical awareness, a vibrant democracy and a diverse society. Now and in the future.

Geographic Focus

Europe, Germany

Programme Areas

Our main expertise are in the fields of education, of addiction prevention, of culture and the arts, of democracy, of media and consumer protection. Our key methodological elements are social venture capital and capacity building.

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