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Riksbankens Jubileumsfond

Stiftelsen Riksbankens Jubileumsfond was endowed by the Bank of Sweden in 1962 as an independent foundation to commemorate the Bank’s tercentenary. In 1993, Riksdag, the Swedish Parliament, approved the contribution of a further donation to the foundation aimed at encouraging research in the humanities and social sciences.


To support and promote scientific research, primarily in the Humanities and Social Sciences, Law and Theology.

Geographic Focus

Sweden and international

Programme Areas

The foundation works broadly along two lines:
– First, high-quality research proposed in applications from the researchers themselves is funded within the framework of the regular support forms: projects, programmes, infrastructure for research, and research initiation.
– Second, there are focused initiatives serving, in accordance with the Statutes, to develop Swedish research and enhance its international status.

Programmes are RJ’s support form for major research assignments requiring large research groups for six to eight years.

A project is a research assignment usually carried out over a maximum of three years by a single researcher or small research group.

Infrastructure for research
Infrastructure for research relates to initiatives aimed at making possible and promoting future research. Grants are awarded for measures to prepare for research, such as establishing new research environments or creating platforms to develop collaboration between the research community and other institutions.

Research initiation
To meet the research community’s demand for grants to cover academic meetings and establishment of academic networks, RJ awards grants for research initiation. The applications span a broad range, from contributions to international conferences held both in Sweden and abroad to working conferences on new research areas, seminars, network support and preparation of new research programmes.

Focused (also known as ‘thematic’ or ‘proactive’) initiatives are used to develop and strengthen Swedish research. They vary in nature, ranging from career posts for young researchers to funding calls in high-priority research areas. These initiatives also provide scope for testing new solutions and alternative work procedures, and for results being used in a subsequent stage to develop the researcher-initiated forms of support.
– Pro Futura
– RJ Sabbatical
– Europe and Global Challenges
– Flexit
– New Prospects for Humanities and Social Sciences

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