PLAN BØRNE FONDEN Mimersgade 47, 4. 2200 N Copenhagen Denmark

Plan Børne Fonden

Plan Børne Fonden is established out of an international movement to support children in need in developing countries. Our ambition is to provide children and their families from poor communities with the possibility to make a brighter future for themselves. As such Plan Børne Fonden works in local communities with local partners, authorities and stakeholders to ensure a sustainable and well rooted development.
Plan Børne Fonden is managing and operating its own programmes and activities through its local offices in each of the 5 programme countries. Thus our own staff works directly with beneficiaries, partners and local stakeholders.
Plan Børne Fonden is financed by individual sponsorship and from external grants, and often co-fund its activities in cooperation with international, national and institutional donors.


Plan Børne Fonden works to improve the living conditions for children and young people in the poorest countries in the world. They work to enhance the opportunities of poor people to a healthier and safer upbringing and a brighter future.

Geographic Focus

Western Africa - Mali, Burkina Faso, Benin, Togo and Cape Verde

Programme Areas

Children and youth empowerment and development
Rights of children and youth
Health (including healthcare, nutrition, water and sanitation, sexual and reproductive health)
Education and Entrepreneurship

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