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NILO Foundation


At NILO Foundation, we partner with charities worldwide that help to sustain humanity and planet, with a strong focus on developing inner potential, building community and transitioning towards a just and sustainable economy.

We draw upon two main traditions in philanthropy, which are systems change and venture philanthropy.

Programme Areas

We look for social leaders that align with our mission and values and build close ties with them. In addition to evergreen funding, we accompany our partners throughout and provide strategic support in a range of areas, including networking opportunities and fundraising. This approach is designed to encourage them to tackle issues in a bold and innovative way, and to enhance their organisational development and impact.

We adopt a systemic view of a problem by conducting in-depth research and connecting with experts and people at the heart of it. We then build a portfolio of partners among frontline charities, advocacy groups and think tanks, with the aim of acting on different levers of the ecosystem.

Our high-level viewpoint as a funder working in different regions of the world gives us access to a rich ecosystem of philanthropic initiatives. We regularly exchange with peers to explore opportunities for co-learning and co-action, and we encourage our partners to convene regularly.

A core element of our approach is to experiment, reflect, and iterate. We aim to draw upon many traditions of philanthropy, thoughtfully using theories and schools of thought that feel most appropriate to the given context and issue, and regularly reviewing our posture and methods as a funder.

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