Mozaik Foundation Soukbunar 42 71000 Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mozaik Foundation

Mozaik Foundation was established in 2002, as a foundation for the development of non-governmental organisations (NGOs). The objective of the founders was to create a local indigenous institution, which would assist all the citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina long after international organisations have left the country.


To encourage people to organise and advance their own communities.

Geographic Focus

Rural areas and small communities throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina

Programme Areas

The foundation works to mobilize local resources and to support the sustainable socio-economic development through two programmes: Youth Bank and All Inclusive

Youth Bank
Aims to increase the participation of young people in the local development processes of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s rural communities. Working in partnership with Community Foundation for Northern Ireland (CFNI), this innovative small grant-making programme is run by young people for young people. Youth Bank creates opportunities for youth-led groups according to the needs in their communities- working on projects (cultural, sports etc.), participating as active citizens in their communities and developing professional governance and management skills through capacity building exercises and practical experience in operating a small grants program that directly supports young people in rural areas.

All Inclusive
Through this programme the foundation provides financial and technical support to formal youth groups.

The foundation has also launched two social businesses, EkoMozaik Ltd. and Agency MaŠta.

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