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Kone Foundation

Kone Foundation was founded in 1956 by Heikki H. Herlin and Pekka Herlin. The founders were simultaneously in charge of Kone Foundation and Kone Corp., and hence there was a close relationship between the organizations. Nowadays the foundation is independent and unaffiliated. From a modest start in the early years, Kone Foundation began to award grants for academic research, with a specific focus on humanities, social sciences, environmental sciences and artistic research. During the 2000s the Foundation has made an active effort to find new ways to support academic research, the arts and culture. One outcome is the Saari Residence for artists and researchers, founded in 2006.


Kone Foundation is an independent and unaffiliated organisation, the aim of which is to promote Finnish research, arts and culture.

Geographic Focus

Especially the regions around the Baltic Sea (but researchers and artists of other regions are also supported).

Programme Areas

In humanities, social sciences, artistic research and environmental research. All fields of the arts.
They have a residence for artists and researchers.

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