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Global Dialogue

Global Dialogue was founded by Andrew Puddephatt in 2006 with a wide-ranging brief to promote human rights around the world. Its first programme, the Strategic Fund for Turkey, enabled several private funders to support the emerging human rights movement in Turkey at a critical time of transition in the region. In 2009 Global Dialogue founded Ariadne to bring together funders and philanthropists supporting human rights
and social change into a supportive network sharing resources and expertise. They now have eight programmes supporting funder collaboration and innovation on human rights and social change around the world, including our new closing space programme, the Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society, and a Syria Working Group, both launching in 2017.


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Geographic Focus

United Kingdom, Middle East, Global

Programme Areas

• Ariadne, the network of European funders for social change and human rights.
• The Early Action Funders Alliance, a funder collaborative which aims to promote a vision of a society that prevents problems from occurring rather than only coping with the consequences.
• The Funders’ Initiative for Civil Society, a funder network which aims to coordinate a global response by private philanthropy to the closing of civic space.
• Our general grant-making, which enables funders to make grants for human rights and social change worldwide
• IMiX, a project which aims to increase communications capacity and coordinate communications activities in the UK’s migration and integration sectors
• Migration Exchange, a funder collaborative which aims to improve the lives of migrants and receiving communities in the UK by informing public debate on migration and creating welcoming communities.
• The Thomas Paine Initiative, a funder collaborative which aims to increase awareness of and support for human rights in the UK.
• The Syria Working Group, which aims to inform and enable private philanthropic support for Syria and the neighbouring countries.

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