Gerda Henkel Stiftung Malkastenstrasse 15 40211 Dusseldorf Germany

Gerda Henkel Stiftung

Gerda Henkel Stiftung was established in June 1976 by Lisa Maskell in memory of her mother, Gerda Henkel.


To foster research in the historical humanities, focusing on the support of academic projects and PhD fellowships, primarily in the fields of history, art history, archaeology and history of Islam.

Geographic Focus

Germany and international

Programme Areas

The Foundation promotes research projects in the historical sciences, mainly in the following fields:
• Archaeology
• History
• Art History
• Prehistory and Early History
• History of Islam
• Legal History
• History of Science.

The advancement of young scholars is a special interest of the Foundation. For a number of years, the Foundation has also increasingly addressed issues of great relevance to contemporary life and the future, above all as part of its special programmes “Islam, the Modern Nation State and Transnational Movements” and “Security, Society and the State”. As part of the Lisa Maskell Fellowships, since 2014 the Foundation has been supporting young scholars in the humanities in both Africa and Southeast Asia. Starting in 2015, the Foundation has with its “Patrimonies” funding initiative focused more strongly on the preservation of cultural heritage, specifically in regions experiencing crisis.

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