Fundación Instituto De Empresa Maria De Molina 6, 1º 28006 Madrid Spain

Fundación Instituto De Empresa

Fundación Instituto de Empresa was created in 1997 as a not-for-profit organisation serving as a charity institution for social assistance. It is registered in the Social Assistance Register.


To undertake actions that could help corporate development, benefiting in particular the more disadvantaged sectors of the population by promoting the training and involvement of young people in the business sector, and their continual training in relevant corporate areas.

Geographic Focus

Primarily Spain, but is also present in and focused on North and South America, South East Asia, the Middle East, North Africa and Europe

Programme Areas

The three main areas of action are: education, research and dissemination of knowledge.

Awards aid and scholarships to Spanish and foreign students who wish to undertake studies at Instituto de Empresa or in other training centres; and to professors and researchers to undertake training or research work. Also finances research interns.

Seminars and Conferences
Provides financial support to courses, seminars or conferences whose purpose coincides with that of the foundation.

Instituto de Empresa Library
Contributes to the permanent updating of the Instituto de Empresa Library which specialises in business management and law, lends support to its students and professors in each one of their academic areas. In addition to reading tables and an extensive pool of documentation, the library offers virtual resources accessible by members of the Instituto de Empresa community from any part of the world via Internet.

Collaborates with different Centres of the Instituto de Empresa and with other external foundations to undertake joint programmes.

Applied Research
In collaboration with the IE faculty, research scholarship holders and contributing organisations the IE Foundation conducts research to position IE as a centre of innovation and to create knowledge for its productive environment.

Publishes the Revista de Empresa, a corporate journal, and co-edits the Revista de Estudios Empresariales, a business studies journal.

The foundation also collaborates with the Instituto de Empresa Alumni Association to maintain the Chair in Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Sustainability.

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