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Fundación Barrié

Pedro Barrié de la Maza, Count of Fenosa, created the foundation in 1966, declaring it his universal heir. Banker, businessman and promoter of outstanding initiatives, he dedicated his life (1888-1971) to working for the economic, social and cultural progress of Galicia, his native region. From 1971 to 2009, the foundation was presided over by the founder’s widow, Carmela Arias y Díaz de Rábago, Countess of Fenosa. Since her demise in 2009, José María Arias Mosquera, the president of Banco Pastor, is directing the foundation.


To foster the sustainable development of Galicia, with particular emphasis on human capital investments.

Geographic Focus

Galicia, Spain

Programme Areas

The foundation is active in the following areas:

• Heritage and culture
• Education and research
• Social work

Heritage and Culture
The foundation runs projects to conserve the heritage of Galicia and increase its appreciation, among them the outstanding programmes carried out in the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. It also organises free exhibitions, concerts and seminars, attracting around 100,000 people per year. These cultural programmes also include a temporary exhibitions programme, designed for broad public appeal, in the fields of fine arts, photography, architecture and design that are accompanied by intense educational and complementary activities programmes.

Education and Research
Promoting excellent research and spreading scientific results while favouring the development of a highly innovative production environment in Galicia are the objectives of the research area. It supports a broad range of research projects ranging from historical heritage research to biomedical research. The foundation also supports research institutes in other areas, such as the Pedro Barrié de la Maza Institute for Economic Studies. In the Education area, the foundation supports excellence and talent through comprehensive, high-quality education. The foundation offers different scholarship programmes, among them the scholarship programme for postgraduate studies abroad or the High School scholarships for studying one academic year in the United States.

Social Work
The Social Work area focuses on the fight against social exclusion in Galicia in collaboration with non-profit organisations working with the elderly, drug addicts, persons with disabilities, prisoners, women and children. The foundation provides these organisations with financial assistance and training opportunities, striving for the social and/or labour insertion of the most vulnerable sections of the population.

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