Fundação Oriente Ed. Pedro Álvares Cabral, Doca de Alcântara Norte 1350-352 Lisbon Portugal

Fundação Oriente

The creation of Fundação Oriente resulted from an agreement in 1986 between the Government of Macau and Sociedade de Turismo e Diversões de Macau (STDM). It was established in Lisbon in 1988, when trustees were appointed by the President of the Republic of Portugal. The foundation then became a private institution with total administrative and financial autonomy, having received an initial donation of $40,000,000 from the STDM. As of 1996, the foundation is no longer linked to the contract between the Government of Macau and STDM.


To carry out activities of a cultural, educational, artistic, scientific, social and philanthropic nature in Portugal and Macao, aimed at the development and continuity of the historical and cultural relationship between Portugal and the East, specifically China.

Geographic Focus

Portugal, Asia and Far East countries with cultural and historical links with Portugal, and where there are Macanese communities.

Programme Areas

The foundation supports activities by giving grants and support in the areas of:

• Culture
• Education and science
• Philanthropy and social welfare
• Macanese communities

Encourages artistic interchanges between Portugal and the Orient by organising and supporting exhibitions; promotes Portuguese music and encourages exchange visits by artists and performers; holds the Fundação Oriente International Competition for Young Conductors; supports records production and the production and sponsorship of radio programmes in Portuguese; supports theatre and dance, setting up shows, organising theatre festivals and tours of the Orient by leading Portuguese puppet theatres; preserves and renovates historical architecture; and engages in publishing.

Education and Science
Awards scholarships; sponsors research projects; organises courses, conferences and meetings, concentrating especially on the dissemination of the Portuguese language; researches genealogy; runs the Orient Documentation and Information Centre (CDIO), and, in Macao, the Portuguese Oriental Institute (IPOR) and the Portuguese School.

Philanthropy and Social Welfare
Provides equipment for medical facilities and other clinical support services; sponsors training programmes in health and social welfare; and supports cases of extreme need.

Macanese Communities
Preserves Portuguese language and culture and strengthens the ties among Macanese throughout the world.

The foundation also works in the fields of civil society and social economy.

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