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Fondazione Paideia

Paideia Foundation adopts a perspective of intervention towards the beneficiaries that is placed, from a theoretical and methodological point of view, in the systemic and network approach, in which it is essential to turn the gaze not only to the child in difficulty, but to all those who take care of it in different ways: first of all the family unit, then the parental and friendly network and the socio-health, educational and associative resources with which the family comes into contact. This type of approach intends to promote the development of those peculiar capacities that each one, over time, may be able to recognize and enhance. Taking charge of the family is inspired by the FCC (Family Centred Care) work model, started in Canada and subsequently developed in different geographical areas.


For over twenty years, Paideia has been working every day alongside families and children in difficulty, promoting effective and innovative projects, ensuring the creation of attentive and respectful contexts for the needs of children. So that no family can feel alone and no child excluded.
Paideia’s aim and objective is to spread a culture of childhood and participate in the construction of a more inclusive and responsible society. Paideia in particular strives daily to:
– offer support to the family in difficulty;
– experiment with effective and innovative models of social intervention;
– create contexts that favour the serene growth of children and the development of their potential.

Geographic Focus

Italy, particularly on Piedmont region

Programme Areas

  • Training and culture initiatives aimed at strengthening the value of inclusion, diversity, equal rights and possibilities for all, with particular attention to the needs of children and those who care for them.
  • PAIDEIA CENTER: it is an initiative started in 2018, which adopts a family centerd approach, confirming the constant commitment of the Foundation alongside families with children with disabilities or illness. Each family can count on tailor-made support, ensured by a project coordinator and a multi-professional team. The Center also has a library for inclusion where people can access books and stories that encourage the participation of every reader.
  • PAIDEIA SOCIAL FARM: the Farm was inaugurated in 2019 in Baldissero Torinese, just outside the city of Torino. It is configured as a space to learn, experiment and share together experiences in close contact with nature. It is a place meant to offer opportunities to meet adults and children, with particular attention to children, young people and young people with disabilities and their families, to teach them to become protagonists in the care of plants and animals, experiment experiences of autonomy, and develop skills, with a view to empowerment and generative welfare. The farm is equipped with donkeys, chickens, vegetable gardens where aromatic herbs, small fruits and saffron are grown. The vegetable gardens are all accessible, so that everyone can discover the wonder of growth and the flowering of nature.
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