Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena Via Banchi di Sotto 34 53100 Siena Italy

Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena

The Monte dei Paschi Foundation was established on 28 August 1995 when the banking activities of the public-law credit institution were transferred to Monte dei Paschi Bank, Inc., whose origins date back to 1622 when it was founded on behalf of the Magistrates and people of Siena “so that it might have fertile development and regulations and rules, for the private and public advantage of the City and State of Siena”. With the approval of its new charter on 8 May 2001, the foundation assumed the juridical status of a private non-profit organisation with full statutory and management autonomy.


To pursue social welfare projects in the areas of scientific research, education, the arts and health care; to promote and finance initiatives for the benefit of the city of Siena, its institutions and its Province, in order to favor and encourage the creation and development of productive activities and the enhancement of economic resources; and to pursue the objective of carrying out community service and philanthropic work.

Geographic Focus

The city of Siena and its province in Italy and Africa

Programme Areas

Identity and Culture
Inclusive Society
Agricultural System and Territory
Research and Technology Transfer

Identity and Culture Objective:
To give value to cultural and identity heritage of the community
Actions: High musical training as a tool for growth; Cultural heritage of the territory

Inclusive Society Objective:
To promote social security and personal wellbeing for an inclusive society

Agricultural System and Territory Objective
To promote Territory development and agrocultural system throught sustainable pattern of production and consumption
Actions: Life styles and critical consumer; Innovationa and territory excellences

Research and Technology Transfer Objective
To sustain research and technology transfer
Actions are regarding the field of life science and other research fields.

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