Fondazione Generali 2, Piazza Duca degli Abruzzi 34132 Trieste Italy

Fondazione Generali The Human Safety Net Onlus

Founded on 1 October 1982 as Fondazione Assicurazioni Generali – following the changes made to the Statute, has changed its name in Fondazione Generali The Human Safety Net Onlus, becoming Onlus on 26 June 2017


The Foundation’s sole object is the pursuit of social solidarity (Article 10 of Legislative Decree no. 460 of 4 December 1997), through its activity in sectors including: social, sanitary and socio-sanitary welfare; charity, education and training; cooperation in international solidarity and development; the protection of civil rights; support for scientific research of particular social interest, or through the allocation of those activities to universities, research institutions and other foundations that perform those activities directly, in areas and according to conditions that correspond to the current legal framework.
The Human Safety Net is an accelerator that protects and supports disadvantaged people in creating opportunities that benefit themselves and the communities they live in. They do this through protecting, investing, training, and mentoring.

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

For refugee Start-ups
– Empowers refugees to become successful entrepreneurs

For families
– Promotes equal life chances for disadvantaged children

For newborns
– Saves newborns from a problem at birth called asphyxia

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