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Fondazione CDP

• School – a priority theme with multiple facets, which require, in order  o generate impact, to: achieve lower school drop-out rates, decrease university drop-out rates, increase support for disadvantaged students and improve the mental health of young people.
• Art and Culture as vehicles for development – with the aim of evolving the call for Cultural Ecosystems to select initiatives that are sustainable in the long term, that are based on territorial networks participated in by the public administration and that create job opportunities and social rehabilitation.
• Assistance and Research Sector – continue with the enabling of PNRR funds and focus on initiatives to increase the attractiveness of the sector and the retention of skills in the country


Fondazione CDP pursues social, environmental, cultural and economic development objectives. It invests in the country’s strategic
assets, with a particular focus on initiatives in favour of the younger generations and in support of human capital.

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

Arts & Culture,
Humanitarian & Disaster Relief,
Sciences & Research,
Social/Human Services,
Youth/Children Development

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