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Fondazione Cariplo

Fondazione Cariplo picked up where its predecessor, Cassa di Risparmio delle Provincie Lombarde (Savings Bank of the Lombard Provinces), left off. Since its establishment in Milan on June 12, 1823, Cassa di Risparmio delle Provincie Lombarde fostered the growth of the local economy, culture and civil society, conducting its activities in accordance with the principles of self-organisation and subsidiarity. Officially, Fondazione Cariplo was set up in December 1991 as part of the reorganisation process resulting from the implementation of the Amato-Carli Act for the rationalisation and privatisation of Italian banks.


To be a resource that helps social and civil organisations better serve their own community.

Geographic Focus

The region of Lombardy in Italy and Africa

Programme Areas

To better respond to its users’ needs, the Foundation designed its organization around four main areas of activity, each one with dedicated staff. These four areas are:

– Environment,
– Arts and Culture,
– Scientific Research and Technology Transfer,
– Social Services

In this area, the Foundation focuses on promoting environmentally-conscious lifestyles and behaviors, rather than tackling environmental emergencies. The Foundation supports cultural innovation and the spreading of environmental awareness by triggering virtuous circles in which information, education, awareness and action are mutually reinforcing. In so doing it engages individuals, institutions, businesses, associations, the scientific community as well as local communities.

Arts and Culture:
The Foundation’s focus in this program area is on Italy’s heritage, i.e. our archeological, artistic, architectural and environmental assets, libraries, historical archives and museums as well as performing arts and other arts & culture events. In the performing arts sphere, the Foundation works to increase opportunities for artistic expression and broaden public participation, especially among those who are less privileged.

Scientific Research and Technology Transfer:
Fondazione Cariplo is keen to contribute to a breeding ground for scientific research, technology transfer and advancement of applied research findings. It does so by backing initiatives that promote the formation of networks and partnerships, participation in international projects, human capital growth, enhanced scientific output as well as improved scientific communication and dissemination of research outcomes.

Social Services:
In this area, Fondazione Cariplo focuses on seeing to emerging needs that have not yet come to the public attention, finding fresh approaches to deep-seated needs, responding to needs that are left unattended, promoting excellence and innovation, catering for those who at risk of falling through the cracks and facilitating the circulation of knowledge and information about access to and quality of services.

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