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Fondazione Adriano Olivetti

Fondazione Adriano Olivetti (FAO) was established in 1962, soon after the death of Adriano Olivetti. He was an industrialist who had broad cultural and political interests which he applied to the Olivetti company, believing it should have an important social and cultural role in the community.


To develop and promote cultural, social and general activities and initiatives directed towards the education of citizens in harmony with the societies in which they live.

Geographic Focus

Europe and US

Programme Areas

The foundation operates in the following areas:
• Institutions and society
• Economy and society
• Community and society
• Art, architecture and planning

Institutions and Society
Organizes and sponsors conventions, along with universities and Italian and foreign research centres, seminars, studies, and publications whose objective is the analysis (including the comparative analysis) of national and international institutions and legislative processes. It stimulates and promotes comparative projects and studies regarding philanthropy and the protection of individual rights.

Economy and Society
Focuses its attention on the research activities inherent in the transformation processes of social and economic structures, following the Olivetti tradition. The spread of ethical, responsible, and technically expert business culture on the one hand and the development of collaborative networks for active and shared participation on the other are particularly necessary tools in the context of the growing complexity and globalization of markets.

Community and Society
The development of cultural studies and projects aimed at the examination, promotion, and expression of various forms of social unity and community life. The Foundation strives to realize these objectives along with local governments, Italian and foreign charitable organizations, and the institutional bodies of the European Union.

Art, Architecture and Planning
Sponsors projects, exhibitions, workshops, meetings, and presentations dedicated to architecture, city planning, area planning, and the visual arts. This task-oriented group fulfils one of the principal aims of the Foundation, where various aspects of contemporary culture are dealt with using an interdisciplinary approach with the objective of promoting the arts as a instrument of social intervention.

The foundation also engages in publishing both in collaboration with publishing houses and on its own behalf with the series Quaderni della Fondazione.

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