Fondation Salvia 1, Place de St. Gervais case postale 5017 1211 Geneva 3 Switzerland

Fondation Salvia


  • To support the development of better protection for the global environment based on the study of nature using a holistic approach (scientific, systemic and qualitative); to support the education of young people from the same holistic perspective, with the aim of encouraging the full development of all the child’s and student’s capacities – intellectual, emotional and social – by promoting proven alternative teaching methods; to encourage studies on the phenomenon of consciousness and to support initiatives promoting the evolution of consciousness and a better understanding of personal and transpersonal psychology; to encourage improvements in the democratic organisation of society and in electoral and parliamentary systems that promote the common good, inter alia by promoting direct democracy and studying ways of improving the various electoral systems, and to support and promote the protection of animals, in particular but not exclusively with the aim of combating cruelty to animals that may result from various practices, experiments and/or manipulations likely to cause suffering.

Geographic Focus

Switzerland and Europe, including European neighbourhoods

Programme Areas

  • Animal-Related
  • Citizenship, Social Justice & Public Affairs
  • Civil society, Voluntarism & Non-Profit Sector
  • Education
  • Environment/Climate
  • Food, Agriculture & Nutrition
  • Human/Civil Rights
  • Sciences & Research
  • Social/Human Services
  • Youth/Children Development
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