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Fondation de France

Fondation de France was established as a private foundation, on the initiative of General de Gaulle and André Malraux, to help private donors- individuals and companies- to carry out philanthropic activities in any field of general interest. In particular, Fondation de France enables donors to create their own foundation under its umbrella, offering different services from management to advices on philanthropic priorities. In 2015, Fondation de France hosted 808 donor advised funds and dedicated about 150 million euros to social activities. Fondation the France is the French partner of Transnational giving Europe.


Fondation de France is ‘the foundation of all causes’, Its mission consists in supporting all the fields of general interest, and helping any private donor to carry out philanthropic activity in any of those fields.

Geographic Focus

France, Europe and developing countries

Programme Areas

The foundation develops programmes in 4 main fields of activities:

Helping vulnerable individuals
Pledges to help people grappling with sickness, economic difficulties, advanced age and unemployment meet basic needs, such as housing, healthcare and work. The foundation also endeavours to help them remain active members of their communities, sharing their interests, feelings and projects.

Developing knowledge
Promotes scientific and medical research, culture, education and training, at a time when many young people face a dim job outlook, when progress in research is a vital issue for humanity, and culture is needed to forge a collective identity.

Acting for the environment
Encourages people to live in greater harmony with their surroundings, mindful of the environmental crisis caused by increased human activity. Favouring a citizen-based approach, the foundation supports group endeavours, scientific research and educational projects in France and abroad.

Developing philanthropy
Founded to encourage the development of philanthropy, the foundation is mainly known for housing and managing funds and foundations, and collecting resources to support social innovation. However, to develop philanthropy, foundations must be promoted and defended to help them grow, become more professional, and extend their activities abroad. This is the mandate of Fondation de France.

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