Evkaf Foundation P.O. Box 118 Mersin 10 Lefkoşa, Nicosia-Cyprus (North) Turkey

Evkaf Foundation

Vakıflar İdaresi is administered in accordance with a special set of rules and principles known as “Ahkamül Evkaf” (Constitutions of Foundations). The philosophy of Evkaf originates from the Vakf principle which is defined as…the ad infinitum dedication of property for public benefit. The Evkaf foundation endowment originates from dedications made in accordance with Vakf rules and principles. It is constitutionally acknowledged as a statutory Vakf institution. All foundations working under the aegis of Evkaf operate within a special contract.


To allocate foundation resources for public benefit and for the social, economic and cultural needs of the society; to serve the underprivileged and deprived sections of the society; and to oversee foundations established under the aegis of Evkaf.

Geographic Focus

International and in Northern Cyprus

Programme Areas

Evkaf Foundation allocates its resources and operates in the following areas:

• Education
• Historic and cultural preservation
• Economic and social development
• Faith-based activities

Makes available resources to support education and culture: This includes buildings and land allocated for primary and secondary education plus cultural activities. The European University of Lefke is the contemporary education branch of the foundation.

Historic and Cultural Preservation
The foundation owns numerous monuments and cultural properties.

Evkaf is also playing a key role in the realization of a multicultural project sponsored by the United Nations Office for Project Services, aimed at the restoration of two major holy shrines: the Hala Sultan Tekke, a holy shrine for Islam; and the Apostolos Andreas Monastery and the Apostolos Andreas Monastery, a holy shrine for Christianity.

Economic and Social Development
Seeks to contribute to social and economic development, paving the way for private and public sector initiatives.

Faith-based Activities
Supports faith-based activities addressing the needs of society where the foundation operates.

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