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DOTS Foundation for an Open Society

Previously known as “The Soros Foundation Latvia”, it was established in 1992 by the philanthropist George Soros as part of the Open Society Foundations (OSF) spanning Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia. After the Central and East European countries joined the European Union, the family of developed democratic nations, George Soros chose to redirect greater resources to open society development needs in Africa, South America and Asia. In 2011 a decision was made that the foundations located in the EU countries would no longer be members of OSF, but remain affiliated with the broader network. This necessitated a name change by the close of 2014. DOTS Foundation’s mission is to strengthen the quality and culture of democracy in Latvia.


DOTS Foundation for an Open Society unites people devoted to strengthening the quality and culture of democracy in Latvia.
We believe that diversity and a plurality of opinions make Latvia a better place.
We believe in an open and inclusive public sphere as the cornerstone for a resilient society able to stand up to the challenges of tomorrow.
We believe in trust, dignity, integrity and sustainability, and we work with passion and joy to bring these values to life.
We believe in deliberation as the best tool for fair decision-making, and we pursue cooperation and co-creation among our team and with our partners.

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

DOTS engages in the promotion of participatory democracy by:

• inspiring a democratic conversation and advancing the culture of discussion
• inciting people’s interest in societal and political processes
• fostering people’s active participation in public life

DOTS is the founder and co-organiser of the open-air LAMPA Conversation festival. The biggest discussion event in Latvia, LAMPA creates a motivating atmosphere for constant self-improvement in an ever-changing world. Since its creation in 2015, each summer LAMPA has brought together tens of thousands of participants who spend two joyful days sharpening their minds, expanding their horizons and challenging their views. LAMPA is an inspiring and exciting platform for anyone who has something to say — for all those who want to learn about and discuss the central issues for Latvia, Europe and the world.

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