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Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt

Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) was founded in 1991 following an initiative by Dr Theo Waigel, the then Federal Minister of Finance, and supported by the German government. The foundation began with assets amounting to nearly 1.3 billion euros from the proceeds of privatisation of the former steel group, Salzgitter AG, making it one of the largest foundation trusts in Europe.


To promote model projects that protect the environment with particular consideration given to small and medium-sized enterprises.

Geographic Focus

Germany, its neighbouring countries and Central and Eastern Europe

Programme Areas

The foundation supports environmental projects giving particular consideration to small and medium-sized enterprises. The foundation is active in the following fieldsMain fields of promotional activities are:

• Environmental technology
• Environmental research / nature protection
• Environmental communication
• International activities

Within these, the foundation supports nine special fields:

• Environmentally friendly applications and procedures, energy technology
• Architecture and building and construction industry
• Material stream management and emission reduction
• Applied environmental research
• Nature protection
• Environmentally friendly use of land
• Scholarship programme
• Environmental communication and environmental management within small and medium sized enterprises
• Dissemination of environmental information
• Environmental education and environment and cultural assets

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