Baštová 5, 811 03, Bratislava, Slovak Republic

Center for Philanthropy

The Center for Philanthropy (CpF) was founded in August 2002 as a nonprofit organisation to develop philanthropy and civil society in Slovakia and to make an active contribution in developing and cultivating charitable giving.


The Centre for Philanthropy (CpF) serves as a philanthropic infrastructure to foundations and non-profit organisations, stimulates giving and civic engagement, contributes to the policy debate on the legal and fiscal framework for civil society. We network active citizens and non- governmental organisations that search for resources with donors and facilitate the flow of these resources, knowledge and information to pursue their public benefit goals.
CpF focuses on the development of corporate giving through grant programs and services provided for corporate donors, companies or individuals who want to give their financial means, time, energy or abilities to help people in need. We provide them with consultancy services in identification of themes and their processing in the context of grant programs, we provide the assistance with resources’ distribution through effective and transparent grant programmes and support their activities.
Another focus is on the support of individual giving by developing the online fundraising platforms (, and online crowd-funding platform. StartLab, launched in 2015, is a unique and first non-commercial crowdfunding platform in Slovakia.
Together with the Pontis Foundation, CpF were the initiator of the establishment of the Association of Corporate Foundations, an informal platform to network members and defend the interests of the corporate foundation community in Slovakia. Its purpose is to contribute to maximizing efficiency and transparency in the achievement of their public service purpose.

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