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Carnegie UK Trust

Founded in 1913, the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust was established as a think-tank and grantmaking organisation in the UK and Ireland. The trust is one of 22 based in the US and Europe, established by the Scottish-American, Andrew Carnegie. The Carnegie UK Trust has links with the network of sister trusts, one example being through co-organising the International Carnegie Medal for Philanthropy.


To improve the welbeing of people throughout the UK and Ireland, by changing minds through influencing policy, and by changing lives through innovative practice and partnership work.

Geographic Focus

UK and Ireland, also part of the international network of Carnegie foundations.

Programme Areas

The 2016-2020 Strategic Plan sets three Strategic Objectives for the work of the trust:

1.Be a recognised leader in wellbeing and its links to public policy
2.Be a champion for sharing learning between all jurisdictions of the UK and Ireland
3.Make working across the public, private and voluntary sector more normal and valued

These objectives are embedded across all of the trust’s work and through its strategic category of Enabling Wellbeing.

The trust has selected three specific work areas in which to pursue its objectives. These are: Digital Futures, Flourishing Towns, Fulfilling Work

– Digital Futures theme explores how the rapid advances in digital technology can be exploited to optimise improvements in wellbeing for people across the UK and Ireland
– Flourising Towns: the trust seeks to play a leading role in supporting influential policy development and innovative practice in our towns
– Enabling Wellbeing: theme explores the links between work and wellbeing the mechanisms for ensuring that the work has a positive influence on our wellbeing.

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