32/34 Bd Grande-Duchesse Charlotte, 1330 Ville Haute Luxembourg

André Losch Fondation

The André Losch Foundation provides independent and impartial support for projects dedicated to young people in the Grand Duchy, in the fields of education, social inclusion and health. Its aim is to contribute to the development of a fairer, more sustainable and cohesive society.
The Foundation believes in the importance of long-term collaboration with its partners in order to make the most of everyone’s skills and resources. Our aim is to support projects over the long term, to establish a complementary relationship and to move forward together. In this context, we favour long-term partnerships with a limited number of institutions. The relationship of trust that this creates makes it easier to monitor the actions supported and measure their final impact.


Helping to create a fairer, more sustainable and inclusive society for young people in Luxembourg.

Geographic Focus


Programme Areas

  • EDUCATION : fostering critical thinking and initiative through formal and non-formal education, on the themes of learning about science, sustainable development and global citizenship.
    SOCIAL INCLUSION : encouraging the socio-professional inclusion of vulnerable young people
  • HEALTH : to bring relief to children and young people affected by illness or disability, and to their families, by making their daily lives easier, improving care and support, and providing moments of joy and relief.
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