7 January 2019

Long-Term Investors@UniTo have announced 9 new Research Fellowships for 2019

Long-Term Investors@UniTo (LTI@UniTO) have announced 9 new Research Fellowships for 2019 aiming to foster research in long term investment policy and perspectives.

The Research Fellowships are part of the think tanks support for independent research into the debates between long term investors and policy makers over long term investing, and offer various remuneration amounts for two months of research at the think tank, culminating in a final paper and seminar on the work.

The research topics included in the fellowships include analysis and access to data harnessed from the annual survey conducted by the European Foundations Financial and Investment Officers Group (EFFIO) on long-term investment policies of European foundations.

The EFFIO group is an EFC Community of Practice comprised of senior financial and investment officers of independent European foundations aiming to advance the knowledge on the investment environment.

The submission deadline is the 21st March.

For more information, or to apply read the document below.

LTI Research Fellowships Document