26 March 2020

Italian and Chinese philanthropy join forces to face COVID-19

Italian and Chinese philanthropy are joining forces to face the COVID-19 in an innovative way, creating an aerial bridge for the transport and delivery of urgent medical and sanitary materials difficult to find not only in Italy, but also on the international market.

A first load of over 2 tons of protective suits, masks and gloves donated by Chinese foundations has already been shared between the Piedmont and Lombardy Regions in northern Italy by the Civil Protection and Red Cross organisations. Further substantial donations, including essential ventilators, as well as individual protective equipment will arrive in the coming days on flights with a capacity of up to 40 tons of materials.

The humanitarian initiative is made possible by the Torino-Pechino connection established within the China-Italy Philanthropy Forum, under the banner of dialogue and effective collaboration between the most important philanthropic institutions of both countries.

On the front line is Fondazione CRT, who will contribute to the operating costs for one or more flights from China.

“The collaboration between Italian and Chinese philanthropy, already consolidated in Europe with the EFC’s China Europe Philanthropic Leadership Platform is a winning card to face the most serious health emergency of this millennium. This example of transnational philanthropic solidarity is a positive sign in uncertain times such as these, and this “army of good” is allowing the influx of donations to Italy with dedicated aerial bridges, accelerating the transfer of the most urgent goods to the first line hospitals and welfare organisations in the territory,” said Massimo Lapucci, Secretary General of Fondazione CRT and Chair of the EFC.