Philanthropy Back to the Drawing Board: Shaping a Future Agenda

In this book, Rien van Gendt urges philanthropy to critically and reflectively assess how it can best live up to the promise it makes – and the responsibility it has – of investing private resources for the public good.

With a focus on private foundations and public charities, the book covers areas such as the legitimacy of philanthropy; the advantages and pitfalls of collaboration; aligning investments with mission; making the most effective use of philanthropic spending; operating systems and styles; and relationships with grantees and local communities, among several other topics. These are set out in the context of today’s multiple challenges, including the war in Ukraine, the climate crisis, growing inequality and the rise in anti-democratic sentiment.

Considering the rapidly evolving nature of these crises, and the uncertainty they bring, lessons of the past no longer provide answers – hence the need for philanthropy to go back to the drawing board.


“Philanthropy Back to the Drawing Board: Shaping a Future Agenda” can be accessed via a number of different platform, both as a PDF or downloadable e-book.


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