European Foundations for Sustainable Agriculture and Food

This network offers a unique platform to promote a more sustainable food and farming system in Europe by 2030. Having developed its own Theory of Transformation, EFSAF enables the alignment of funds among participating funders in regular dialogue with civil society organisations (CSOs) to collectively transform food and farming systems in Europe.


A European continent in which food and farming systems will be sustainable by 2030, having reached the (political) tipping points for this as a result of joint collaborative efforts within the agriculture ecosystem.


  • Transition to sustainable food systems in Europe


Collectively achieving our Theory of Transformation by:

  • Aligning our funds to maximise our combined potential
  • Identifying and supporting ambitious and bold projects which achieve and inspire transformative change in incremental steps, such as FOODPATHS – The EU Partnership for Sustainable Food Systems

Developing knowledge and expertise by:

  • Building the capacity of our community of philanthropic organisations to make strategic decisions – in partnership with civil society actors, researchers and experts
  • Collecting and sharing experiences, timely information and expertise
  • Striving to be a growing learning community which promotes constructive communication, active listening and consensus building

Reaching out and advocating by:

  • Broadening the community of funders through tailored peer-learning and networking opportunities
  • Encouraging the growth of ambitious civil society organisations by strengthening their confidence and nurturing a movement around our transformative agenda, including the interests and needs of the marginalised and vulnerable
  • Serving as a space for coordination of funders’ and philanthropic actors’ advocacy towards European policymakers, recognising that some members of this community may be involved in direct advocacy individually

How to engage

Join the Steering Committee

This Core Group of members collaboratively shapes and implements the work plan, making sure that ambitions and resources align. Two Steering Committee members co-chair on a rotating basis of two years, acting as a reference point for the Philea Secretariat.

Criteria to join:

  • Full Philea membership
  • An interest or expertise in children and youth
  • Commitment to contribute human and financial resources

Activities of the Core Group:

  • Monthly online meetings (average 1.5 hour)

Optional activities for the Core Group:

  • Participation in the EFSAF coffees (1 hour) every first Wednesday of the month which are ad hoc discussions around specific collaboration opportunities
  • Participation in the working groups on specific topics e.g. agroecology, geographical coverage, mobilisation ahead of the EU elections etc.

Join the Community

All Philea members can join the Full Group and:

  • Participate in an online meeting once every two months. The agenda generally includes an update of the ongoing programmatic commitments; Member State and pan-European updates; ongoing alignment; and opportunities
  • Participate in an in-person meeting every six months or per year depending on the needs.

Non-funders cannot participate in the Core Group / Full Group activities of EFSAF.

Think tanks and CSOs are regularly invited to brainstorm with funders to identify funding gaps and potential underfunded initiatives/actors that the EFSAF members could collectively support.

Steering Committee (Chair, Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation)

Agropolis Foundation
Children’s Investment Fund Foundation
Daniel and Nina Carasso Foundation
European Climate Foundation
Fondation Charles Léopold Mayer pour le progrès humain
Fondation de France
Fondazione Cariplo
IKEA Foundation
Robert Bosch Stiftung GmbH