29 April 2020

Gerry Salole speaks at Caixin Global Webinar on ‘Building a global safety net against COVID-19’

On Monday 27 April, EFC Chief Executive Gerry Salole took part in a Caixin Global Webinar sharing philanthropic experiences battling the virus in China, the U.S. and Europe, from both established global foundations and new non-profits. The webinar provided a rare glimpse into local practices with a global perspective, across cultures, geographies and sectors.

Topics included:

· How are philanthropic organisations battling the virus, both locally and globally?
· What are the most urgent needs for the most vulnerable in different countries?
· How can we leverage the power of different stakeholders (including governments, businesses, and social groups) to alleviate heath, economic and social losses?
· How can philanthropic organisations work with their non-profit partners to protect vulnerable groups (such as informal sector workers, refugees, migrant workers and disabled people) as the pandemic drives rising inequality?
· How can philanthropic groups ensure the sustainability of the non-profit sector to allow continued work on Covid-19 and pandemic aftershocks?

Speakers included:

  • Lu Mai, Vice Chairman, China Development Research Foundation; Secretary General, China Development Forum
  • Elizabeth Knup, Director and Representative, Ford Foundation Beijing Office
  • Gerry Salole, Chief Executive, European Foundation Centre (EFC)
  • Zhu Yanmei, Executive Director, BGI Group; Secretary General, Mammoth Foundation


Replay of the webinar
Key points
Lu Mai’s slides 
Gerry Salole’s slides 
Zhu Yanmei’s slides 
Additional questions answered by Elizabeth Knup