24 March 2020

Fondazione CRT join international call for increased availability of data in combating COVID-19

Fondazione CRT, together with The GovLab and ISI Foundation has promoted an international call for action aimed at increasing the availability and use of data to tackle the current global emergency.

The call sets forth seven key actions by which data collaboration can be made easier, with an eye on making responses to future societal and environmental threats more efficient, quicker and more prepared. Much of the data needed by researchers is never made accessible to those who could put it to use, a problem that has come to the forefront in the wake of COVID-19 crisis as various actors have failed to share data on the virus.

These actions aim to create a sustainable and responsible ecosystem that facilitates easy access, sharing and utilising of data for public good. The signatories call upon major stakeholders to:

  1. Develop a governance framework
  2. Build capacity
  3. Establish of data stewards
  4. Build a network
  5. Engage with people
  6. Unlock funds
  7. Promote technological innovation

The need for the rapid sharing of data was explained by the EFC’s Chair, and Secretary General of Fondazione CRT, Massimo Lapucci as “Making data availability global is a necessity. While previous epidemics have always been localised, coronavirus is truly global and progresses with impressive speed.”

Find out more and sign the call