23 April 2020

Webinar – Beyond the Peak: GMF Coronavirus Update from Europe Views from Germany, Italy, and the United Kingdom

The German Marshall Fund of the United States is hosting a webinar on 23 April from 15:30 on the current political climate in Europe, and how Italy, Germany, and the UK are preparing for the second phase of the coronavirus.

After weeks of soaring infection rates and deaths caused by COVID-19, Europe is slowly moving beyond the peak of its coronavirus pandemic. As patients recover and the curve of new cases flattens, European countries are beginning to think about what comes next. In consultation with its member states, the European Union has offered guidelines for the next phase of the crisis. These aim to ensure that member states’ economies are reopened in a gradual, but coordinated way that takes into consideration each country’s individual situation and risk, and prevents further spread as shutdown measures are loosened.

Europe’s hardest hit country, Italy, has already begun to open some previously closed businesses and is looking to further loosen its policies in early May. Germany is set to reopen many of its shops on 20 April and some of its schools starting 4 May. Meanwhile, in the United Kingdom, Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab announced on 16 April that current measures would stay in place for “at least the next three weeks.”

Join GMF as they host a conversation with local experts.

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