22 May 2023
Šibenik, Croatia

Summer Meeting for Philanthropy Infrastructure Members – Forward in Hope: Uncovering the Generative Power of Infrastructure

The Summer Meeting for Philanthropy Infrastructure Members will take place on 22 May exploring “Forward in Hope: Uncovering the Generative Power of Infrastructure” in Šibenik, Croatia, just before the Philea Forum 2023.

From one exchange to another, we observe the stamina of philanthropy infrastructure professionals, whose hope and desire for a better and more just future is channelled through their determination and creativity in their day-to-day work. What inspires hope for our teams and constituencies? How do we persevere in building a positive narrative to achieve and defend an enabling environment for philanthropy? How do we bring the spirit of discovery to tackle the current operational and more systemic challenges and fast-forward the desired outcomes into the future?

While the last Summer meeting touched upon resilience and the role of infrastructure in crises, this year will tap into the capacity of philanthropy infrastructure to create a hopeful vision for philanthropy and civil society and reflect on the power of philanthropy infrastructure to generate hope by adopting a ‘’strengths-based’’ approach, to create an enabling environment for philanthropy and meet the biggest challenges philanthropy infrastructure is facing.


Alina Shenfeldt
Programme Manager – Membership and Foresight