8 March 2021  -  11 June 2021

Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe 2020/2021 – Stage 2

For the 5th edition of the Philanthropic Leadership Platform: China-Europe, 20 philanthropy professionals from China and Europe will meet online from 8 March to 11 June 2021 for Stage 2 of the programme to share their knowledge, experience, creativity and concerns during this intensive, peer-learning leadership development programme.

The aim of PLP is for participants to enhance their leadership skills by learning from each other, and then return to their home organisations and contexts with new perspectives, tools and insights that will make them better leaders. The programme typically revolves around the themes of social innovation, leadership development and bilateral cooperation between China and Europe.

The exchange will be comprised of 4 modules, each including an informative video about the topic, a live session and a pair consultation session for each participant to further explore specific challenges they are facing. The 4 modules cover the following topics:

  1. Adaptive strategy (Module 1, 8 March – 27 March)
  2. Impact assessment (Module 2, 29 March – 16 April)
  3. Digitalisation (Module 3, 19 April – 21 May)
  4. Innovative financing (Module 4, 24 May – 11 June)

To boost the sharing experience, each participant will be paired up throughout the programme with one of their intercontinental peers.

Stage 2 of the platform will follow Stage 1 that will take place online from 1 September to 27 October 2020.

The platform is organised in partnership with the China Global Philanthropy Institute (CGPI) and funded by Stiftung Mercator.

To learn more about the programme and how to apply, visit PLP China-Europe.

For more information contact Sevda Kilicalp.