23 March 2023

Online Launch Event: ”How Foundations Listen”

The launch event for ”How Foundations Listen – A Qualitative Review by Luisa Bonin” will take place online on 23 March sharing insights from the new publication.

Foundations are increasingly striving to find ways to improve their processes to the benefit of relationships with grantees and primary constituents (also known as beneficiaries). At the cornerstone of this is the desire to mitigate power imbalances, that continue to exist within the sector. To delve into this topic further, a qualitative review was undertaken with 13 European foundations utilising various listening methodologies, frameworks and studies to facilitate the analysis of listening practices of European foundations. The online launch event will provide an opportunity for funders to hear from the author of the study, Luisa Bonin, who will provide further context and an overview of the qualitative research.


Daniel Spiers
Programme Manager – Peer-Exchanges & Knowledge