15 September 2020

PEX sessions: Next Philanthropy

This online session is part of a series of events providing information on PEX projects.

We are opening a European chapter of Next Philanthropy. This project aims to provide an inclusive space for a meaningful conversation on the current stay of play and what is next in philanthropy in Europe. What society do we want to see in the future, and what role can philanthropy play? How can we connect with other sectors and learn from each other? What is disruption and who are the disruptors? How can we leverage evidence-based dialogue? How can we translate discourse into action? How can we build and shape the narrative on European philanthropy? Instead of providing answers, we want to keep asking questions, explore and invite others to think along. While we are thinking big, we will start with small steps.

  • Project lead: DAFNE (Hanna Stähle) and Assifero (Carola Carazzone)
  • Project status: early stage
  • Catch-up session: Tuesday, 15 September / 11:00 – 12:00 (CET)

This project is driven by the  PEXcommunity  but it is open to wider European civil society representatives. If you are interested in attending this information session, please email  joanna.pienkowska@dafne-online.eu