9 May 2023

Journalism Funders Forum – Donating or Investing: Funding Independent Public-interest Journalism

The Journalism Funders Forum will host its first funders-only online ‘breakfast’ on 9 May looking at “Donating or Investing: Funding Independent Public-interest Journalism”.

Funding independent public-interest journalism is critical to healthy democracy, holding those in power accountable and providing reliable information to the public. When it comes to supporting independent public-interest journalism, there are two main options: donating or investing. Lukas Harlan, Schoepflin Stiftung and Lot Carlier, Vereniging Veronica, will present to the breakfast different ways of funding independent public interest journalism in Europe and afterwards the floor will open to all participants for an informal discussion on funding strategies.

This gathering will be the first in a series of quarterly online sessions hosted by the Journalism Funders Forum.


Nils Luyten
Programme Manager – Democracy Collaborations