15 July 2021

High Level Political Forum – Nonprofit Leadership and Data Stewardship in the COVID-19 recovery

Fondazione CRT will organise an online session “Nonprofit Leadership and Data Stewardship in the COVID-19 recovery” at the United Nations High Level Political Forum on 15 July with representatives of philanthropic institutions and organisations of international relevance in the field of data science including The GovLab, Fondation Botnar, and IMMAP.

Data-driven approaches are now a priority for action in all sectors and countries of the world, both in the short-term response to the Covid-19 crisis and in the long-term perspective, which characterises the Sustainable Development Goals, of social, economic and health recovery.

Unleashing the power of data, allowing fairer, more timely and sustainable access, is crucial to interpreting present trends and shaping the future of our societies and communities. There have been several calls in recent months to promote data collaboration at the international level.

Philanthropic institutions and non-profit organisations, leaders in the social and economic development of our communities and at the forefront of post-pandemic recovery and reconstruction processes, are now called upon to lead the debate on the public value of data, not least to ensure that in a data-driven economy, we never lose sight of the human perspective, people’s wellbeing and impact on communities.

As we enter the final decade of the 2030 Agenda, philanthropy therefore has an important role to play, in defining the framework of the data ‘market’, promoting the inclusion of social sector organisations and driving the creation of new data-driven public goods, while stimulating innovation and economic development.

The event is open to all.

Watch on Zoom. Passcode: 132560

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