15 October 2019  -  17 October 2019

EFC Funders’ Forum on Sustainable Cities Annual Conference – Sustainable Technology  = Sustainable Cities?

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The Funders’ Forum on Sustainable Cities (FFSC) is hosting its annual meeting on ”Sustainable Technology  = Sustainable Cities?” on the 15-17 October, in Turin, hosted by Fondazione Sviluppo e Crescita CRT and Fondazione Adriano Olivetti.

The 2019 FFSC Annual Meeting will dive into the issues of technology, innovation and big data, and their impact upon cities, showcasing how industrial heritage can merge with the technology of the future to develop sustainable cities. Funders will learn about the opportunities, and the risks, that come with using these tools; and about strategies and methodologies to positively engineer cities. Participants will have the chance to talk with and learn from people and organisations working in the field.

Turin, and the Piedmont region has a long industrial history that extends from the smallest, to largest cities in the region. In thinking of sustainable urban redevelopment and the points of discussion it is the perfect backdrop for the meeting, with many of these issues being central themes of debate and discussion throughout the region.

During the first day of the conference, participants will visit Ivrea and explore its industrial past and its journey to becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Participants will then spend the second day in Turin, grappling with issues such as big data and the ethical issues around using it

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