22 September 2021

EFC Family Foundations Roundtable

The EFC, together with the MAVA Foundation, will host a gathering of family foundations on 22 September to have an informal discussion on the strategies and processes that lead to effective, impactful, and engaged giving and achievement of philanthropic objectives. This first roundtable will focus on the topics of connection, interaction, and engagement.

Family philanthropy is a rewarding experience, but it can also be challenging. The roundtables will address challenges and opportunities relevant to family foundations. Each roundtable, led by an EFC member, will offer the opportunity to share concerns and accomplishments in managing family philanthropy while exploring distinct topics in family philanthropy, including participation of the next generation of family members, founder involvement, board learning, governance and staff, question of spend down versus perpetuity and future directions.

The meeting is open to senior executives of foundations where at least one family member serves as an officer, a board member/trustee or as the donor.

For further information contact Sevda Kilicalp.