22 June 2020  -  23 June 2020

POSTPONED – European Funders for Impact

Due to the ongoing issues related to COVID-19 the meeting in June has been postponed. We are currently exploring potential new dates in 2020.

The first meeting of the European Funders for Impact will take place in Barcelona, hosted by ‘la Caixa Foundation‘.

Public resources are becoming scarcer to redress more complex societal challenges. Consequently there is an increasing pressure for private resources to be utilised in a more impactful manner. This creates a new playing field for beneficiaries of both private and public resources. As a consequence of less public resources available, the role of philanthropy is becoming more vital for society. However the issues are very complex and often single funders have difficulties identifying the right initiatives and partner organisations that could have the most impact on society. Also there is a need for a space to share methods and tools to support its further monitoring and evaluation. More importantly the dimension of private resources are not of the same dimension than public resources and therefore become more precious.

In this respect beneficiaries and funders will need to evolve in this new more competitive environment. It will be on everyone’s interest to identify innovative and interesting methods and tools that would enable a more fluid cooperation.

The aim of the programme “European Funders for Impact” is:

  • To bring together like-minded philanthropic representatives to discuss about their strategies, share and build knowledge on the topics around funding impact, in a safe-space.
  • To create a space in which a constructive dialogue between a varieties of stakeholders can start and find common ground to find solutions to smoothly advance all the main actors to adapt to what is becoming a new reality.

This first meeting will give an exclusive opportunity to foundations to have a safe space to discuss on opportunities, challenges, good practices, and tools, to build capacity and enhance knowledge through peer learning by discussing priorities, challenges, commonalities they have in their organisations, and to identify topics to focus during the second meeting.

This programme is a joint initiative by the EFC, Fondation Maison des Sciences de l’Homme and ‘la Caixa’ Foundation.

For more information contact Maria Orejas