25 May 2021

ERNOP Science and Society Seminar Series 2021: Taxation, philanthropy and implications for practice by Dr Giedre Lideikyte Huber

25 May 2021, 10-11 AM CET

Members of ERNOP produce the best of research on philanthropy within the continent, but only limited output makes it to the board rooms, decision tables and policies of philanthropic organizations. The gap between production and usage of academic knowledge is a waste of valuable resources. The ERNOP Science and Society Seminars are a monthly series of online seminars in which researchers from ERNOP philanthropy research centres and academic chairs present their state of the art work through online presentations.

Based on a recent report Dr Lideikyte Huber from the Geneva Centre for Philanthropy at the University of Geneva will share her knowledge in this seminar, and will also discuss as to why it is justified to grant tax reliefs to philanthropic initiatives, a fact which is sometimes questioned to the detriment of the non-profit field.

Dafne is happy to support this initiative by ERNOP in bridging the academic research with philanthropy practitioners.