28 June 2023
Zagreb, Croatia

ERNOP Safe Spaces for Philanthropy 2023

ERNOP, in collaboration with Philea, will host “Safe Spaces for Philanthropy 2023” on 28 June in Zagreb, Croatia, to provide in-depth exchanges and sessions between academia and philanthropy professionals.

What are ‘Safe Spaces’? Safe spaces are intended to be free of bias, conflict, criticism, or potentially threatening actions, ideas, or conversations were people can speak freely, and are being treated with openness and respect, without loosing individual integrity. Universities are by definition places that should function as safe spaces. By creating safe spaces for philanthropy, this initiative create open exchanges and potentially will contribute to the creation of new partnerships between academics and professionals working in and for philanthropy. For practitioners it will create an opportunity for peer learning and exchange on topics that are essential to the functioning of philanthropic organisations but often create friction and frustration.

Taking place the day before the ERNOP Research Conference, the event will facilitate in-depth exchanges between academia and philanthropy professionals, connect academics with philanthropy practitioners, foster learning from academia and practitioners and create safe spaces in which participants address themes that include a high level of trust. Furthermore, the output of this event will be looped back into research on related topics and an edited volume of ‘Dialogues‘ that will be published by the Journal of Philanthropy and Marketing.