24 February 2021  -  25 February 2021

EFC Research Forum Workshop – The replication crisis in science and the role of foundations in tackling it

The EFC’s Research Forum will host a workshop exploring ”The Replication crisis in science and the role of foundations in tackling it” online from 11:00 – 12:30 and 14:00 – 15:30 on 24-25 February.

There is an increasing concern in the research community regarding the reproducibility of scientific studies and to what extent statistically significant published research findings are true. As the reproducibility of experiments forms an essential part of the scientific process, the difficulty in replicating and peer-reviewing other experiments has an adverse effect for many fields of science in which significant theories are based upon unverifiable work.

The methodological crisis affects the social sciences and medicine most severely but is a shared cross-discipline problem. This workshop will offer participants the opportunity to meet like-minded colleagues working in the research philanthropic sector, academics and experts to learn, discuss and connect, inspired by the topic of the replication crisis.

For more information contact Giulia Lombardi.