4 December 2019

EFC Gender Equality Network webinar – Gender Norms & Intersectionality: Expanding the Equity Dialogue

The EFC’s Gender Equality Network will be hosting a webinar on 4 December, 16:00 to 17:00 CET seeking to dive into ”Gender Norms & Intersectionality: Expanding the Equity Dialogue” with Riki Wilchins, Executive Director, TrueChild.

Decades of research have found that belief in rigid gender norms are connected to lower equity outcomes, both for individuals and entire institutions. Gender norms impact individual outcomes in basic health, partner violence, economic empowerment, and educational achievement. Among institutions, normative gender biases and beliefs affect everything from leadership and investments to who is empowered to speak up in meetings or to clean up after them.  Major international donor institutions like CARE, PEPFAR, UNAIDS, UNFPA, USAID and WHO have all embraced “gender transformative” initiatives that challenge narrow masculine and feminine norms and found them effective.

The World Bank has made challenging cultural gender norms a cornerstone of its equity work worldwide. Yet many funders ignore gender norms, or silo them as solely a women’s or LGBTQ+ issue. Join this presentation and open discussion on the key terms, ideas, and findings behind “intersectional” approaches to equity that address masculine and feminine norms.

The webinar will provide participants the opportunity to look into:

  1. Gender terms and concepts
  2. Intersectionality
  3. How gender norms are central to challenging structural inequality
  4. Key research findings around gender norms and race
  5. How gender norms shape organizational culture and equity

The webinar will be hosted by Riki Wilchins, the Executive Director of TrueChild, a network of researchers and experts devoted to helping improve life outcomes among at-risk youth by reconnecting race, class, and gender. Riki has trained agencies like the White House, CDC, Office on Women’s Health, and Office of Adolescent Health as well as funder networks like ABFE, Change Philanthropy, HIP, WFN, and Women Moving Millions. Her writing on gender norms and philanthropy has been published by the Council on Foundations, GrantCraft, GuideStar, and NCRP. Riki’s work has been profiled in The New York Times. TIME selected her one of its “100 Civic Innovators for the 21st Century.”

The author of six books on gender theory and politics, Riki’s newest book for funders and nonprofits is titled, “Gender Norms & Intersectionality: Connecting Race, Class and Gender.”

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