15 April 2021

Disability Thematic Network webinar – Public-private partnerships to support disability inclusion

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The EFC’s Disability Thematic Network will host a webinar on 15 April looking at “Public-private partnerships to support disability inclusion”.

Over the last three decades a great deal of attention has been paid to partnerships that include multiple and diverse stakeholders: governments, businesses, institutional philanthropic organisations, and non-profit organisations. Each part brings its own unique approach, expertise, and assets in a collaboration to address public problems. Today a growing number of foundations of various sizes and shapes are taking more active steps to engage with governments in a more formalised and regular way, and simultaneously we are seeing governments also explore new ways of leveraging philanthropic assets and the sector’s expertise to find innovative solutions to public problems.

This session will look at examples of public-private partnerships and explore the latest developments and trends in cooperation among the philanthropic sector and public actors.

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For more information contact Letizia Manzoni.